Billy Bull Report March 2017 – by Jeremy Evers (aka Tundra)

Hello TTH,

It’s been a few years since I had a chance to fish Billy, but I made it out last weekend and managed a dandy. I just thought you and the TTH guys might want a quick report. 31 inches, 14.4 lbs with a 19″ girth.  I caught it at 2;30 pm on Thursday near the confluence ( Culver Market didn’t have the Indian permits until that night so I had to kill some time on the Crooked river arm. ) Any way I was flat lining a Suick Cisco Kid at 2.4 mph ( so about 20 feet deep ) in 270 feet of water.

Jeremy Evers with his Biggest Bull to date! 14.4 pounds and 31 inches long!!! Congrats man

Water temp was 44 it was sunny with a light breeze.  Over the course of the long weekend all the other fish were dinks between 23″ and 12″  They all came on either Suicks, Black / silver Lymans, black Assassins  rainbow floating Rapalas or Black / silver Brads super cut baits.  We did get 2 browns in the 18″ range on assassins near the summer homes.

As you can see from the picture, he was bleeding pretty good.  He inhaled the lure with the rest and mid hooks in his throat and gills.  Hence the reason for the vertical pose, I didn’t think he had a good chance of survival so I kept him.


Jeremy Evers

MONSTER BULL!!! Jeremy said this one is going on the Wall!