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Father and Son team up to land this magnificent East Lake Hookjaw of 10-1/2 pounds! This big buck taped out at 31″ long with a 17″ girth. Click on the Photo to hear the Story!
Bwild and family hit East Lake, click here for the report!
28″, 8.5 pound hookjaw for Crazy D’s boat! East Lake, Aug 3, 2017. Caught on a #5 Lyman, rainbow pattern near the bottom in 30′ of water.
Kim Daniels with a Beautiful Paulina Lake buck brown of 8 pounds and 26 inches! Caught during Dad’s Weekend XI in May. Click on the pic to read the story…………..
Eric Cole with a Killer Paulina Lake Hookjaw of 8-1/2 pounds! Caught and Released on a recent May trip with his Dad, Allan.
Allen Dahlberg with an Incredible 9-1/2 pound Hookjaw Brown trout he caught on a recent fishing adventure!!!
Crazy D with his first German over 10 pounds! Click here for the story!
Jeremy Evers with his MONSTER Bull caught in Early March 2017 from Lake Billy Chinook! Click on the picture to read the report!
Carrie Lippis with a Thanksgiving 22 lb Mack from Crescent Lake!


A dream girl with a dream fish!!!